How do i find which hydraulic line is damaged!

Good afternoon, I have a 2008 328i BMW CONVERTIBLE. Three days ago my top got stuck in mid air. Took it to the mechanic and I was told I have a leak in one of the lines. He aslo stated in order for him to figure out which line is damaged he has  to remove the whole top. Is there any other way that this can be done without removing the whole top. I would really appreciate any information or advice as to how this can be done. I'm really not that comfortable with the idea so if there's another solution please advise me.. Thanks for reading ! ..BTW he wants to start this as early as tomorrow, so I really need help fast...thanks again!!


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EuroTech made a comment.
11 months 4 weeks ago

While I have not worked on the 3 series convertible top I have worked on various Mercedes convertilbes. Those cars are similar in many ways from what I see. 

You don't need to remove the whole top to determine which cylinder is the problem one. If you understand the operation of the various cylinders on that car you will quickly know which is the problem cylinder. 

Also keep in mind that this may not be a cylinder issue but a micro switch. For example if you help guide the convertible top while someone is pressing the switch. If the top operates fine, you most likley have a weak (leaking ) cylinder or weak pump. If the top gets stuck at some point you have a switch that is not working, a damaged cable or something mechanical. 

It is hard for me to diagnose the problem without seeing the car. What I would recommend is that you find someone that speciallizes on convertible tops. They don't have to BMW experts. 

Hope this helps. 

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Ms.BMW made a comment.
11 months 4 weeks ago

Good afternoon,..  thanks so much for responding. I greatly appreciate the information you were able to provide. I also was able to contact a place that was familiar with fixing hardtops without having to remove the entire top. So I will be taking the car there tomorrow, hopefully the will figure out the problem. Attached is a picture of where the mechanic found the damaged line/hose.A picture of the damged hose


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