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My W203 C Class refused to start. I noticed no power going to the starter and fuel pump. Thank you.


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MercedesMedic  2 months 1 week ago

Hi Alex, Have you read the codes yet?

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Alex_15  2 months 1 week ago

Not yet

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abusufyan  1 month 2 weeks ago

Hi Alex, Did you try reading the codes?

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Sthong1221984  1 month 2 weeks ago

Engine Not starting and Starter fuse malfunctioning. The starter fuse in the driver signal acquisition and actuation module (SAM) may be malfunctioning.The Driver SAM should be fitted with a larger 20 Amp fuse.

1.Perform a visual inspection of the driver SAM (N10/1) and determine which fuse is installed in socket 52.

2.Replace the currently installed 15 Amp fuse with 20 Amp.


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