What should i do? Ive kept up with all of my maintnance on my car but recently. A gasket leak has cuased all of my radiator fluid to leak into the engine. Im not sure if my engine is ruined or if its still fixable? I dont make much money so should i invest into fixing it? Or the cost over exceeds of keeping the car??


Just replace the radiator. If the coolant got sprayed over the engine should not be a problem in most cases.

The coolent actually went inside the engine an mix with the oil. So its not a leaky radiator but a busted gasket. I only figured it out when i kept getting a low coolent level notification. An i open my oil cap an u can see gunk build up all over the inside of the oil cap. Thanks for replying

You can flush the engine. A couple of oil changes every 100 miles will get that stuff out. The bigger concern is the gasket. If you have a blown head gasket that would be an expensive repair. At that point you may want to conisdeer a replacmeent engine.

I am surpsired becasue those engines are very solid and don't usually have head gasket problems. How many miles on that car?

My mechanic mention to me that it was a water pump gasket. Not the head gasket. His quote to fix it was 2,500$. But because the engine has 200,000 miles on it i have been looking into replacing the engine. Thanks for replying.

I don't like to talk about prices of other mechanics but that seems a lot higher than the average. Replacing the water pump gasket on the M112 engine is easy and typcailly cost $400-$700. Maybe there other work being done.


I would suggest you get another quote.

Thanks for the info. But i might be mistaking on the facts. This quote was giving to me a while back. The car has been parked for over 6 months. Im just weighing my options on what i should do. I really no zero things about cars. But now that i have the money to fix it im just concern on which route i should take. Should i fix the engine or replace it.

I am not sure where you are located but an engine for that car can be purchased for about $500 to $800 plus shipping to your mechanic. See these listings here: Used M112 Engine You will see several that have around 100k miles.

Than pay your mechanic another $500-$650 to install it. If your mechanic won't do it someone else will. In all you will be in at about $1400-$1500. And have an engine with lower miles.

Compare that to the other opitions. The choise is up to you.

Thats exactly what im going to do. Im going to look into replacing the transmission also. Thanks for the reply. Everyone has been very helpful. For someone who cant change his brakes ive been getting lots of good feed back.

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