E350 Brake Rotor and Pad Replacement

Are there any special tools required for replacing pads and rotors on my E-Class?  I know that some vehicles require a special tool to reset / retract the caliper pistons.

I have also read about disabling the ABS, how do I do that safely?


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MBFanatic made a comment.
6 months ago

You may be thinking of the cars that require the tool to rotate the piston as you push it in. You don't need that for Mercedes brake pads. What you will need is Torx bits to remove the caliper guide bolts. Disconnect the battery and there is nothing to worry. On the older E class, you had to disable the electronic brakes but Mercedes stoped putting Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC)   on the E class around 2008.

Hope this helps. Consider taking a few pictures and posting an update on how it goes.

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abusufyan made a comment.
6 months ago

Hi have any question from the aforementioned explanation?


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