E55 Airmatic NIGHTMARE


ok so i have tried to take this on and I'm now stumped , usually I'm pretty good at diagnosing a problem.. so car has not been ran in two years and car is literally on its belly can't move it without damaging fender , fired car up and got the infamous stop car to low message, pump was not coming on ..so ok i found the fuse ..good (15amp inside next to steering wheel, aromatic buttons light up etc...

so then i found the relay and relay fuse both good... jumped the relay pole to pole, pump fires up and runs but won't raise car ..hmmm

so then i start the car jumped relay still no raising of car..

took apart valve body excellent shape no corrosion etc.. jumped solenoid on valve body. works

tried solenoid on pump that one works to..

just for fun i loosened up hose connection on top of front strut got pressure up there...

What the F is going on, im suspecting the control computer under passenger kick panel but i have a hard time believing this went bad? is there a valve in the strut that is activated by the computer to let air into it? it s the only thing i can think of why it won't fill the shocks up with air , all 4 will not raise at all, i could see one or two maybe not rasing but all 4 i would have to think this is electrical of some sort but all power relay and fuses are good?!!

anything else i can try to just get the car up ?