E90 320i 05

My Engine is stalling on idle & when driving the revs will fluctuate by 4 or 500 the dash is sometimes showing 17 / 18 litres per 100 Ks. I have changed the valvetronic motor and cleaned and checked the vanos valve dont know where to go from here hope someone can help out.

Thanks in advance 


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kincsem made a comment.
1 week ago

OKay, just to start of, have you used a scanner on the car? It might help pinpoint some issues. For an engine to run smoothly when ideal, it needs three things;

- A good spark

- Proper air/fuel ratio

- Enough idel speed


Hence, there are the places you should be starting them


Anyway, there are numerous possible causes for a stalling engine.


1. You need to check the kind of fuel you are using and if it suitable for your engine

2. Check the carburetors

3. Check the automatic choke

4. Check vaccumm leaks and valves

5. Faulty airflow sensors

6. A bad throttle position


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Solo made a comment.
1 week ago

Thanks Kincsem for yr reply I have had the engine scanned & it showed the valvetronic motor had failed which I have replaced the mass air flow sensor also replaced now it's not  showing any codes I guess I will try the other air sensors i will let you know how it all goes.

Cheers Solo


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