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Recently my Idrive was rebooting a lot and so I did a 3 button reset.  After this, it worked perfectly the next time.  However the following morning my Idrive just stopped working.  Not only that my CD dvd and information system all stopped working.  To make things worse, the CCC fan was also running continuously so I had to quickly remove the CCC fuse.

1) is my CCC module dead? How can I verify?

2) can I replace my CCC with a CIC (from a e60) if I can get all the components?

3) when looking for a CCC, can I buy a used CCC when did not have nav or does the used unit need to have nav?



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BMWadict  5 months ago

Hi, I have had the exact same problem happen to a 2006.

  1. Yes CCC was dead. Replacing it fixed the problem.
  2. Based on my the little research that I did, you can.. I did not go that route.
  3. You can buy a used CCC. It will need to be coded though. See instructions below from bimmerfest member ress

See instrucitons below. I got NCS expert on eBay. Would like to know which route you go. Espeically if you upgrade to CIC.

There are a lot of conflicting information about what needs coding when installing a used CCC unit. As mentioned in the second post there are five modules that needs to be coded and the process is quite straight forward. Some background: Your car has a VO (Vechicle Order), also called FA which I think is the german translation. The VO is a string of text with information about what options your car have. For example, a car with Logic 7 has "$677" in the VO, a car with HiFi instead has "$676".  Menus are missing (and in my case, there was no audio at all) because your new CCC is matched to a different VO. The fix is quite straight-forward, I have a E92 but the process should be the same for most CCC BMW's. 1. Get BMW standard tools installed. 2. Get to know the software and make sure your connection to your car is good. You can do that by reading som fault codes, testing seat buckles etc. in EDIABAS.  3. Close EDIABAS and start NCS Expert. Load profile expertmode. 4. Press F1 (FG/ZCS/FA) 5. Press F3 (ZCS/FA f. ECU) 6. Select your chassis (E89=E9x) 7. Select CAS 8. Press F6 (back) 8b. Optional: Make a backup of your FSW_PSW.TRC in /WORK folder (Google it) 9. Press F4 (Process ECU) 10. Select the first module you need to code (CGATE) 11. Press F3 (Execute job) 12. Go back to main menu and redo step 4-9 13. Select the next module you need to code (CHOST) until all five are coded: CGATE, CHOST, CAUD, CTUNE, CAPPL, in that order.  14. Done! Your CCC is now matched to your VO (the options on your car) 15. Disconnect your laptop and start the car. Then reboot the CCC (press on/off/mute-button, eject CD, eject DVD at the same time) and everything should work!   


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