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Ok so I have a 2012 Mini Countryman stick shift (manual transmission) and I followed the step by step on resetting the ecu. According to instruction I'm supposed to hold the odometer reset button an at same time push key to 1st position and then it supposed to read "test" but when I do that it always goes to a message vin n if I press again it moves to iptest ....... What is an iptest? N I never reach the resetting the test prompt what do I do how can I reset my ecu please help also how do I lower my rpm cause when I'm hitting 80mph Rams are @3500 headed toward 4000 how can I adjust that


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BMWadict  1 year 4 months ago

It seems that you are doing everything corectly. Are you doing the procedure fast enough? As far as lowering the RPM, you can not cahnge that. It is controlled by the ecu on your Mini. Resetting the ECU which you are trying to do, will reset the shifting points. Once you complete the ECU reset don't drive the car to hard. It will adjust to your driving style. If you drive it hard it will tend to stay at gear longer and thus higher rpms. By the way, if you have a good scanner read the codes. There may be transmission codes stored.

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Joey Morales  1 year 4 months ago

Will it help to give me better throttle response so after I reset do I drive slow also do I turn on the sport drive after or do I let it get use to me on reg drive mode