Electrical Issues - W211 2003 Merc

Hi there,
I have a 2003 w211 320 Merc. Recently, multiple electrical issues have been appearing in the cabin. Key malfunction error, oil level error (when level is fine), various displays flashing, such as thermo control, parking sensors etc.

A dealer has taken a look and all they did was reset the battery and tell me that there were multiple error codes and they don't know how to find the route cause. Was wondering if anyone has experienced similar?

Any help much appreciated.


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BMWadict made a comment.
1 year 7 months ago

Sounds like there are multiple issues going on. My guess would be that there is bad SAM module. But your comments remind me of a W210 that I had that had multiple electrical issues like yours. The dealer couldn't find what was wrong. After spending many sleepless nights, it turned out the wire harness wasn't connected properly to the ECU. This was a car that was in prevous accident. Did they print out the codes for you? If not, do you have a scanner that will read codes?


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