I have a 2004 S55 amg  W 220

I can't figure out why It burns up the starter relay and fries the ground wire. As soon as I turn ignition to start position it burns up the right front fuse holder, the starter relay and the ground wire from fuse box. I have a guy who knows about auto electrical system and he doesn't know. With what's going on in the world I have lost my job and know no way to get to a new one I am about to be evicted. I can't keep throwing money at this ( I don't have any more ) you are my last hope. CAN ANYBODY HELP ME PLEASE !!!



Hi Ted, 

This is most likely a short somewhere. Maybe the wire that runs to the starter. 

Just to clarify does it burn the fuse as soon as the ignition is on or when you try to crank the engine? 


Also where are you lcoated? 

Dear sir

Thank you very much for taking the time to read and reply to me. This is the 3rd try for me responding I don't think the others went through. I'm an old guy that doesn't know much about computers and stuff. I tried to send you pictures. This high tech shit makes me crazy. I'm sorry I had a stroke and don't have any family so I have to try to figure this stuff out myself. It happened when I tried to crank the engine. I live in louisville can call me anytime day or night I got answering the phone down to a science the rest of it not so much. Five zero two five seven two nine seven two four. Thank you very much for your kindness and support I appreciate you. Thank you. Ted Walker

Reynaldo Monta, April 2, 2021

Dear Ted,

There could be a short circuit somewhere or your starter might have an internal short.
Since you have an electrician that could help you out, I suggest isolate the starter first by, connecting a test light on the solenoid wire and try starting it and see if the fuse would blow.
If the fuse did not blow, then its the starter. If it did then your electrician should try the flasher relay method to identify the shorted wire.