electrical problem need help ASAP

Question by SkpBrett7 posted 6 months 3 weeks ago in Mercedes-Benz

Hi everyone

I've got a few power down issues here's what's not working and has not been for almost three to four weeks now , and it started with radio/stereo it went not not being able to push the buttons and then from there it actually died out to the point where we couldn't use it at all and it shut itself down from there it was the blinkers also the Horne Bella sunroof along with the glove box light and in the cigarette lighter or have no power and they're also five uses underneath my word that I not getting any power now for the things that I have changed have been the same model which is been twice from two different locations that are told me that it could be the sandwich will also repaired the blinker switch the whole assembly change that and still the problem is here and also have changed the battery twice and still have no idea what is wrong with this car nor do I wish to take it to a mechanic Aus they've already priced that at $2,000 which is a joke if I could fix it myself which i'ld like to try do fix it with having to pay more then I already have so I would appreciate any idea's that I haven't already tryed please, Also my next move is to remove clock spring an change as I have done so much research an that's the last thing I've found so wish me luck an any ideas please do let me know what ever it may be it's greatly appreciated ... And note from radio to sunroof that's the order it all stopped in an has not worked besides the emergency indicators of witch I know that run on a different power line thanks everyone for taking the time to read.

Sincerely Mr Johnston