Engine code trouble p1101

Question by daniellyle posted 6 months 1 week ago in Cadillac

Hi I am having a problem with an engine code .

I haveha 2013 cadillac atsa2.0t awd performance model with around 65k.

I keep getting p1101 with something else intermittently. Had something else earlier saying the mix is rich. The code is saying intake air performance flow or something like that. I have change the spark plugs and replaced the maf sensor.

I am seeing some very slight almost hazey vapor coming from tailpipes upon startup occasionally. I have been looking for symptoms related to ECU trouble, pcv cable or hose, and air intake outlet duct. Forums have suggested that they replaced throttle body and or sensor as well. Am I on the right track? I also believe I heard from AutoZone when checking the code that they said the mix was too rich past sensor or something like that.

I am kind of at a loss with this and don't wanna spend a ton of money at the dealer to have them find it. Would rather be able to change it myself if at all possible. I'm not sure if it's a vacuum leak since it's saying too rich. But again I'm not a mechanic lol. Lots of things are pointing to pcv valve and hose assembly.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!