Engine not cranking

Question by jugluck posted 6 months 1 week ago in C-Class

Hello I have a 2003 Mercedes C320(W203) sedan. I had a check engine light come up 6 months ago and the error code was 0P400(Check EGR recirculation flow). I took to a mechanic who asked me to change the spark plugs. But the lights came back on after a month. This time I had problem during idling where the engine had frequent spurts. I got the battery replaced and the MAF sensor replaced. I got P0172 and P0175 error codes alongwith P0400 error code. The last time I couldn't even crank the engine. I towed it to a mechanic shop who said that there was no compression in the engine and wanted to replace the entire engine. The car has 225k miles on it. Has anyone else faced this problem ?