Why does my car loses power when the ESP light start blinking around 20mhp?


Happen when  it warm .

Yes happen while driving 

After i change one the tyres and thw size is diffrent from the other 3

Noo it doesnt be on

Only light be on it the BAS/ESP




This happened after you have installed one tyre that has different dimension? Because that wheel will be spinning faster (or slower) than others, making car 'thinking' there is a wheelspin and activating ESP.

Yes happen after i install the wheel cause 3 of the wheel ah size 275/55 while the other one is 265/55 n it looks diffrent from the rest. 

How can i assist this???

But how could one wheel be spinnig faster than the rest when all the wheel be flat on the ground and moving at the same time ??

Wheel with smaller diameter (and your one wheel has) will have smaller circumference, meaning it has to rotate faster to travel the same distance as biger wheel. 

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