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Could these errors be caused by low transmission oil ?

it only happens when i accelerate hard or want the car to kick down a gear 


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abusufyan  3 months ago

The 4F85 code is a bad transmission control module (located inside the transmission) according to BMW documentation. But I found a thread where this code was a result of a bushing failure on the input shaft. The entire shaft needs to be replaced for $500. (google 530i Limp Mode code 4F85)

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abusufyan  3 months ago

I have been driving benz product so I decided to go back and drive BMW product and just purchased a 2005 645 C1 with automatic transmission in excellent condition with only 69k miles and I had my car go into limp mode on the tranny When I drive IT hard ! But when I cruise I don't have any problems ? The error code is 4F8A (RATIO MONITORING.GEAR SHIFT 4-5 GEAR). I had my friend in his shop scan it. I even try to reset Ecu from tranny to relearn values and still error occurs when I drive hard. I purchased the car in a Dealer auction from my friend who is a dealer and I paid $14,200. I know why the previous owner trade in this beautiful car cause .. (Tranny Problem) . Its a convertible doesn't even have a scratches and it really is in mint condition that why I purchased it but I want to fix it now I don't mind getting a used tranny for about $1500 and doing the work myself I have done plenty in past but I really want to make sure it is the tranny or maybe if I get a ecu upgrade or replaced fluid ?? Any advice would be so helpful please... by the way the fluid is clean not burn and again I never have a problem if I just drive normal but if I floored it thats when I get the slipping problem on 4 and 5 gear and then it goes on limp mode instantly ! I have to shut down and restart engine and it runs fine ....

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abusufyan  3 months ago

DeenWEEKS have your issue been resolved?

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Mully  1 month 2 weeks ago

I have a 2008 BMW X5 with 78000 miles on it i keep having this happening on this car. The code 4F85 clutch E,also 55C3,55D0,54C8. It goes into limp mode, i shut it off and restart works ok then happens again. Mechanic said needs new trans, what else can be checked. Could this be electrical. Please help

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Boki  1 month 1 week ago


Error 4F85 is quite common on ZF 6HP transmission, and it is caused by faulty E-clutch on the input shaft.  Other errors you have (55C3,55D0,54C8) are X-drive related, and are most probably caused by gearbox error.