ESP malfunction drive to workshop message (not the light) and radio static

Question by Old skule posted 1 week 4 days ago in Mercedes-Benz

(04,S500 W220) After a strong rain and transformer explosion nearby while at a hotel my radio had strong static in the driver front speaker like a short all other speakers were ok, so I turned it off drove to my next location stayed about two hours.  Came out to start her up I get "ESP MALFUNCTION DRIVE TO WORKSHOP"  and Would NOT START !!!  I try five times with about 3min. apart before each attempt but still No Start, then I press the brake while turning ignition key and she starts and the radio has no static at all, clear sound.  I drive to next location cut her off for about 20 min. and leave that location with no start up problem, but the Info window on dash shows "ESP Malfunction drive to workshop"  It clears with reset button but is now listed in malfunctions list with some other minor issues I am going to repair.  What could have caused these two weird things to happen?