I have 1997 W210 E 320 some times the is turn off by it self and ETS warning raise in the small screen after this i raise fuel pedal i make pressure on 1 with ac and it's go fine after few days i get throttle out and clean it and put it back again but after cleaning it's be worest ENGINE pressure is go up and down some times be fine some time ENGINE doesnt work fast some times ENGINE start and off dirctly and ETS warning shows i dont know whats is the problems exactly .. I wish you can help me


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xj6guy made a comment.
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the ets is a brake code,i suspect when you remove the throttle you are either not sealing the gasket well enough or more likely there is an hose you are not connecting because you cant see it. if its a usa version look on the drivers side there will be a lot of hoses ,some you can see some you cant. this one should be larger then a vacuum hose but smaller then a heater hose,about the size of an egr system hose. you do not have a typical egr system on that car so there are many hoses to check.move them around while running and check for cracks or completely disconnected hoses. if they are hard and brittle you can buy a complete new set for under $30 shipped online. with the car being that age hose degredegration is a big issue .but easy to fix  


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