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On my ML-350 from oct 2005 I get false ESP warnings when I drive on the highway with a speed above 60 m/h. I feel that the ESP is working although there are no signs of a slippery road.  In the beginning it was only a few times during a drive. At this moment, a month later, it is more or less continuously. To drive normal you have to switch off the ESP. So,I checked the ESP with the Mercedes Star Diagnostic for fault codes but there where none. Also the event memory was empty. Do you have any idea what can causes the ESP warnings?

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MBFanatic  7 months 1 week ago

My guess would be the steering angle sensor. Do a calibration of that.

Do a full system scan as well. The code may be in another module  

Let us know what you find . 


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I did a steering angle calibration without any result. 

Next week I will do again a full system scan and check all 

other modules for a fault code.

I let you know what I find. 

Regards, Matthias. 

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MBFanatic  7 months 1 week ago

Don't turn off the engine after it turns on the light. When you get home hook up the scanner and read all systems. With the engine running. 

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Thanks for the tip.

Let you know what I find. 


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Oke, back from an extended businesstrip.

Drove today with my ML, got the ESP warnings  and connected the iCarsoft MBII for MB with the engine still running.

No ESP faults to find. Only this one in SCM - Steering column module: 9346  Fault in CAN communication with controle unit instrument cluster.  I erased the fault and on the way back it didn't come back. During the way back I took 2 pictures of datastream from the steering column:






ESP - Electronic stability program / ESP sensors / Actual values gives an interruption on my left front speed sensor. It says sometimes N/A  Also for right but less frequent.







Is this an indication that both sensors are bad? Or is N/A a connection problem and what about the black-box of the ESP.

What do you think?




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I just see that I post my questions but i was not ready with it.

So my steering column gives sometimes a N/A for the lateral and longitudinal acceleration and my wheel speed sensor left front and right front gives also sometimes N/A. I cannot see if this happend at the same time.

Curios is that I have to be at a speed above 90 km/h (55 m/h)

I hope you have an answer for me.




P.S. I made movies with my iPhone of the iCarsoft but I don't know how to upload them.

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MBFanatic  6 months 4 weeks ago

I don't think 9346  Fault in CAN communication with control unit instrument cluster is your problem. 

The fact that you are loosing signal from two ABS sensors at random times tell me that you either have a loose wire harness or a defective module. The problem could also be your ABS pump which could be going bad. 

It is very unlikely that both of your sensors are bad. I guess still possible. If you wanted to eleminate that possiblity, replace one of them with a new one, and montior it. If you never have problem with the ABS sensor on that wheel, then you know it was the sensor. Even though unlikely it may be a starting point. 

I have seen a lot of problems, but this is strange. So please keep us updated on the progress. On a side note, I have sent a note to the admins regarding updating videos. 

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Keep us updated::

The ESP problems started after changing the wintertyres. On the front axe they placed 2 new Michelins. From that moment I got the false ESP warnings. First we thought it should the ESP system but, before buying expensive parts, I put back my wintertyres and the problem was solved.

So we now in contact with Michelin to find a solution.




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MBFanatic  6 months 1 week ago

Take off the abs sensor and inspect the tip and the toothed gear.

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