Foxwell NT510 BMW not register battery

My original BMW battery AGM more that 10 years old and keep working OK, just getting little slow when starting the car in the morning and if I run radio with engine off after about 5 minutes battery symbol pops on dash cluster. Obvious symptom of lost battery capacity. So I bought new H8-AGM battery from AutoZone, which is surprisingly stamped Made in Germany. Old Battery was AGM 90 900 and new from AutoZone is 95 1000. Tried to buy Battery from the dealer, but they told me, they do not sell AGM batteries like my original and offered EXIDE not AGM for $258.00 plus installation and registration. So I bought Foxwell NT510 for BMW after watched battery registration procedure on your website. Unfortunately your registration procedure is different from reality. It's asking if new battery original BMW part or not. If your answer not original, Foxwell just quit to register. If you say original BMW, than it's demanding to put manufacturer number six digits and dealer code number marked on negative battery post. My new battery doesn't have all these numbers, so for the sake of register new battery I printed numbers and codes from old battery. It did register, but I'm very disappointed that after spending all that money I wasn't able to change parameters of my new battery and don't know if my little more powerful battery will be badly affected by this go around registration. I was expecting this tool will work exactly as video you promoted. It looks like manufacturer uploaded different software than yours and now only register original BMW equipment and it very obvious, because other users have the same complaint. This is not problem with scanner, this is problem with manufacturer software. What should I do? Will my "override" registration will affect my new battery?


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MBFanatic made a comment.
1 year 4 months ago

Thanks for the update. I sent an email to the editors to let them know of this issue. Sounds like the software has changed. 


Usually the extra data entered is to track battery history and for service records. I don't think it will matter as far as the battery itself goes. 

When you register the battery it updates the charging map and clear old history regardless if it is OEM battery or aftermarket. 

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SETHB093 made a comment.
1 year 3 months ago

my foxwell did the same it ask for new numbers and if it had more power but didnt allow me to enter them just yes or no


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