Fuse location, description, designation

Question by Dstarman21 posted 6 months 2 weeks ago in S-Class

Looking for the fuse that controls the seat massage. Possibly the pump fuse which controls the massaging seat. I read that's resetting the pump could resolve the problem. Would like to try resetting by pulling fuse and reinserting. The seat massagers do not work L or R. In addition to this all the fuse charts online show different numbering than what is on my little booklet which is stored in the rear trunk fuse module. My rear module fuses are 400 to 497. Online the numbers only go up to the 200 range for all of the fuse module locations. My booklet also does not show fuses for the multi contour or dynamic seats, or the pump which controls the seats. My car has this feature. The online numbering however does show these fuses. I'm confused. What am I missing here?