I have a G500, year 2006. I made a mistake and place a special soap cleaner in the center bin. it got open and it spilled all over the rear sam. My G500 electronics went completely crazy. I ordered a brand new one and my mechanic at his shop plugged in. My G went into the emergency mode and it won't shift gears at all. what would you recommend I do? it's so frustrating. presumably, my mechanic had already run the service set up options in his computer right with the installation.



ReyM, July 12, 2021

Hi, Thanks for visiting Youcanic. I would suggest you have the unit scanned to get the trouble codes. Once the trouble code is discovered, a good mechanic could start troubleshooting from there.  

Did it spill on the shifter module on the center console? Also, do you see the selected gear on the instrument cluster? So for example, if you place the gear in Drive, does it show as D on the cluster?