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Submitted by kristapsklodžs on May 30, 2020

Hi bought a bmw f22, 235i, 2015 from auction listings, i knew the car had problems. Gear selector is blinking in Neutral, i can switch to Reverse and Drive but can’t put it in Park.So my question is there any emergency release switch for 235i, 2015. Because they delivered the car and the car had engine problems so they had to tow it and I’m thinking that someone put it in emergency release but now i need it back in Park but cant find the release. Im not doubting the fact that my gearbox could be dead. Bought a diagnostic tool had a trouble code on gearbox that i couldn’t remove check photo attached. Thank you for any response :)



Which is your trouble code ?? I can not see  because the photo is very small 

There should be manual release for the parking brake in the trunk, left side. There is a red handle there that will release the parking brake.

To move the shifter itself manually, you need to remove the trim around the shiftter. Here is a video on how to do that.

Thank you for the advice but i don’t have a electronic parking break, i did see that video you attached and i did remove the trim around the gearbox but I don’t have or I can’t see a place where you put the key in and then you can access it.

Ok, then try this:

1: Push start button 2: Push the lever twice in to N 3: Push the lever to N and hold for 5 seconds 4: Transmission is now disengaged for 15 minutes after which it will re-lock itself.

If that does not work the only way is to get under the car and turn a screw until a latch disengages.