On going Transmission problem for E430

Hi Fanatic,
Spent 4 hours under the car today. Everything went well except no change, still wont go into gear.
Carsoft was showing 0704 error I cleared that and tried to shift without success.
shifter is connected, I'm thinking that the gear shift in the valve body went in correctly. what is next on the list.
The solenoids looked unmarked, and the oil seemed dirty but no signs of iron fillings, there was a small magnet in the oil pan that was clean.


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98E430merc made a comment.
7 months 3 weeks ago

Hello Keith I realise this post is some 10 months old

did you resolve your issue with your transmission 

there is a cable that attaches from the transmission to the brake pedal if this cable has broken it will not allow your transmission to shift from park 

my E430 was stuck in limp mode I had 2nd gear and reverse only 

I have stripped my transsmission down 3 times replacing the conductor plate plug etc each time to no avail bit on my last attempt I found a hairline fracture in the top valve body plate adjacent to my shift  solinoids under a powerful led light 

i purchased a 722.6 transmission hard copy rebuild book from online and this made stripping and rebuilding my transmission a lot easier 

I have since purchased a 2nd hand transmission and stripped it down and replaced almost everything with new components including updating all the springs and valves with the sonax kits 


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