Hard to Steer 1997 Toyota Tamaraw FX AUV (All Utility Vehicle)

We recently (in the past 6-months) had a remanufactured Manual Rack & Pinion installed in my 1997 Toyota Tamaraw FX AUV here in the Philippines.  When we first had this installed, I said it felt like I was driving an older truck.  Within the past month, I complained to my son that the steering was getting awfully hard to turn (right and left).  He thought it might be because I am old (68).  However, as he has been driving the vehicle, he also stated to me today that he also noticed that the steering wheel was getting hard to turn (right or left).  Can you possibly tell me what you might believe to be the problem, as I thought the steering box might need oiling but, after reading about U.S. Made Vehicles that have Manual Rack & Pinion Steering Boxes, I read that they don't.  According to my son, he took it to a mechanic about a month ago when I was complaining about the steering problem and, he said the mechanic greased the Rack & Pinion Mechanism (which I don't understand).  When I was several years younger and, had a '41 Chevy Street Rod with a Manual Rack and Pinion, I don't remember if there was fluid that came in the Manual Rack or, not.  Now, that I am much older, I can't get down on my hands and knees do my own automotive work myself).  Any help that I can get to solve this problem would be extremely helpful as living here in the Philippines, mechanics are taught by others, as there isn't any schooling to learn how to do anything.  In fact, whenever an item goes bad, you need to physically remove the item that is suspected of going bad and, take it to a parts store (show and tell) to see if they have the correct part available, as there aren't any computers and, sales ladies have to look around the parts store to find whatever they are looking for.  (NOTE:  Type of vehicle for my vehicle isn't listed as this is a vehicle that is made specifically for overseas. Hence, I arbitrarily selected what I know from U.S. Vehicles made in Japan.)