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Submitted by Jacevedo on May 13, 2021

I had to come to a hard stop on the highway and my hazard lights came on and will not turn off.  I cannot locate to fuse or relay to at least disconnect it.  I've tried the rear fuse box #119 and nothing happenes.




It could be the hazard switch in the center console. I would remove the trim and the hazard switch and then unplug it. If that does turn them off, you have found the problem. 

Otherwise, if the light stay on, you may have a bad SAM (signal acquisition module). If you have a good scanner you can run a number of tests on the hazard lights plus force them on and off. 

I would unplug the switch in the center console first. Let me know how that goes. 

So, I had figured it was the hazard switch and replaced the entire icommand unit, which did not help.