Hello, So I have the error codes from the BMW Repair Guy :(


In an earlier (only) post I was asking about a transmission problem on a 2002 325IT Wagon.  I was hoping it was a sensor from a subpar battery, nope! It was suggested to take it to my BMW specialist (Master Mechanic)  Along with 2 pages of little things transmission faults were 049, 053, 048.  He reset the computer and we were able to get it home. Now here's the question: I do love my car, but it leaks water into the rear floor boards, (needs door seals?)  there were multiple instrument cluster faults (been there done that), DME faults 3 faults. He says it will cost 3000.00+ to replace the transmission with full lifetime (ha) warranty. It has 250000 miles on it. Do I fix it or purchase a newer model 2009 328i for 5000-6000?

Any help would be appreciated,