I recently left the sunroof cracked on my 2010 ml350 during a rainstorm which caused my passenger seat to get soaked which leaked thru to the battery and cpu Sam? module underneath. I was made aware of this because while driving the car died. I was able to restart and continue driving but my rear windows became locked in the down position and my headlights won't turn off among a few other issues that happened because the lights eventually drained the battery. What can I do to get my windows up and lights off so I can charge my battery


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MBFanatic made a comment.
1 year 7 months ago

Remove the door panel and feed 12 volts to the window regulator. But that would be too much trouble in my opinion. Remove the SAM unit that got wet and see if you can dry the circuit board. Reinstall it and see if it works. If your windows and lights still don't work, you need to replace the SAM unit. You can't install a used sam because it need to be "virgin" and you need to program to match the VIN of the car.


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