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MB 2006 C280 3.0L V-6 35,850mi

“Check engine” light or other warning light is not on.

On Acceleration off full stop -> strong hesitation(near total loss of power) 1-2sec. Then accelerates well.

Occasional similar problem with attempted acceleration at 30 - 60mph with partial loss of power for 1 sec followed by full acceleration & gain of speed.

During episode of “hesitation”, if I back off the accelerator completely & press the accelerator less the car will resume acceleration in a normal manner.

Transmission Fluid change, Oil change, Radiator fluid, fuel filter & air filter changes were done about 6months (5,000mi) ago. Car & A/C run fine otherwise.

My concern is that this loss of acceleration could conceivably happen at a very inoportune time such as during passing on expressway or when crossing a road ahead of oncoming traffic.

Any suggestions or recommendations are welcome.  Thank you.



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EuroTech  10 months ago

I would look into the mass air flow sensor  (MAF) as well.

Also do you have the check engine light on? Can you scan for codes and post them here?

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