The new Indonesian version of the Honda City hatchback: is it worthy of being a replacement for the Honda Jazz?

This Thai-made car has become a hot topic. There are pros and cons.
Especially for those who really love the Honda brand.

For those professionals, the City Hatchback was considered to be a good substitute for the Honda Jazz.
However, there are still those who believe that the Honda City Hatchback is not a good enough replacement for the Honda Jazz; the City Hatchback is called a hatchback, but is quite long in size.
The main attraction of the Honda City Hatchback is the spaciousness of the cabin. In addition, the City Hatchback offers consumers a wider range of features than the Jazz.



it looks like the City is essentially an elongated Jazz. Now, I cannot speak as to how it will perform in Indonesian markets, but the low price, high fuel economy and Honda reliability should mean it is at least on par with the outgoing Jazz, if not an improvement.