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My car is a 2008 Hyundai sonata 2.4 manual transmission, 150.000 miles and I want to replace all engine mounts. 

How many engine mounts has my car? 


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BMWadict  6 months 2 weeks ago

5 total for the engine and transmission.

  1. 9317:FRONT-Engine Mount-1PCS()
  2. 9318:REAR-Engine Mount-1PCS()
  3. 9340:FRONT RIGHT-Engine Mount-1PCS(Insulator Only)
  4. 9353:FRONT RIGHT-Engine Mount-1PCS(Complete Mount)
  5. 9361:-Auto Trans Mount-1PCS()

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William Delgado  6 months 2 weeks ago

Thanks a lot my friend. I'll keep in contact with you