ICarsoft OBD MB11 Analyser . 2005. M. Benz. SLK 350

Hi Team. I have a M BENZ. SLK350 (2005). I have an icarsoft MBII analyser. The following fault codes have been read C1707 C1036 C1172
The analyser says they are not in database. I have contacted icarsoft twice, and received a message saying they don't know problem and to
Contact M Benz. I am loathe to do so unless no other avenue. Does anybody have any ideas. I have had INTERMITTENT, ESP and speedtronic message on dash. I have also eng light on, although this is due to,I think, another code which indicates # 2 cylinder low voltage
at plug.


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MBFanatic made a comment.
1 year 8 months ago

If the icarsfot staff couldn't help with those codes I don't know who can. But as far as the intermittent ESP problems they are most likely caused by a ESP pump that's on its way out. You may have to use Star Diagnostic to see what's really happening. Does the problem happened when the car is warmed up? How soon after you start driving do you get the warning lights/

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Visitor made a comment.
1 year 8 months ago

Thank you MBfanatic. I have noticed that when I start the car from cold, there is 'no malfunction ' on dash. I can drive for 30 min and
' speedtronic not avail' or ESP message on dash appears. Sometimes the message clears after shutdown then reappears on start up. It
is INTERMITTENT. I was of mind that it was possibly the computer that is the problem. Is it possible that cooling fans , I assume there would be some, have failed and the problem occurs when it gets too hot. I have googled MB codes and the ones I have are not on the rather large list. Star Diagnostics,I am not aware of them. I am in Australia.
I would love to hear of any further suggestions.

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1 year 8 months ago

Thank you MBfanatic,
On cold start up sometimes 'no malfunction ' on dash. After driving for 30 min ,sometimes 'speedtronic not avail ' message pops up or ESP
with warning. I was thinking that because of the INTERMITTENT nature of messages, that it could possibly be computer problem. Is the C
part of fault codes relate to computer. Could it be a cooling fan failure that causes the computer to fault. Just a thought.
I look forward to any ideas, I am computer illiterate by the way. Cheers Lloyd


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