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My mom has a 98 sonata and her bf lost the keys to the ignition so he got another ignition with no keys! He rigged it all crazy! To start the car u would have to stick a screwdriver in the ignition turn it then flip a light switch on and the car would start. Well he got pissed off and disconnected everything so my mom couldn't leave anyway long story short he went to jail and we r stuck trying to move a car without the ignition and they all already red tagged it saying it's gonna get towed in 24 hrs. Anyway what I need to know is what color is what on the wiring harness that connects to the ignition I'll post pics. I need to know which wire connects where in the ignition! Please and thanks in advance I would really really appreciate any help. There is a BLK with white, red with white, yellow with red, white with blue, and a yellow with BLK wires and on the ignition there's acc, bat, ign, and 12 St. So I guess what I need to need to know is which wire goes on what on the ignition????????


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MBFanatic  1 year ago

Sorry this is a late reply. I hope your car didn't get towed. 

The black wire should be ground. The red and yellow both should be positive. One of the wires may brign +12 to the ignition and it is sent back via the other. 


Hope it help. 

If you towed the car home, I would suggest you go and remove the ignition from another car like yours and wire it properly. 


Good luck. 

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