Hey!  I have a Mercedes cd220.  Yesterday I finished work and it wouldn’t unlock from the key fob.  I used the key from the fob to open the driver side door put the key into the ignition and nothing.   I’m not sure what’s happened but I replaced the batteries in the fob thinking maybe they were low.  Still no luck.  Battery on the cars fine too.  Is there a way to reset the immobiliser?  Help



Fisi, March 7, 2021

Reset Mercedes Key

  1. Reset your Mercedes-Benz key by placing the key in the ignition of your vehicle while the vehicle is turned off. 
  2. Pull the key out of the ignition while continuing to hold the "lock" button down. 
  3. Use another finger to push down on the "unlock" button five consecutive times.
  4. Release the "lock" button.