Intermittent wiper problem

Question by stuartvincent posted 1 month 2 weeks ago in 2006-2011 (W164)

I am in the UK I have a 2011 W164 that has developed an intermittent wiper problem.

The wipers stop working in rain sensing positions. If you turn the ignition key on with the wipers in constant speed (both normal and high speed they work and continue to work) but if you turn them off or to rain sensing positions then after few minutes they stop working. This problem first developed in December 2019 and I have had the relays replaced, steering column switch (stork) replaced and the rain sensor renewed. All to no avail.

During the summer months the wipers worked fine, as soon as it got colder they have become intermittent again. I have trawled through the internet to try to fine an answer, but so far everything I have tried has not worked.

Can any one help with this?