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I have a 2006 Mercedes Benz CLK350 2 door coupe and I went to get my car smogged and it didn't pass because my instrument cluster is not lighting up.  Can I replace the bulbs myself in the cluster.  I know how to take out my cluster and how to take it apart.


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MBFanatic  3 months 2 weeks ago

I belive that the C209 has LED light bulbs on the circuit board. On the previous model you can easily replace them from the back. On the C209 you have to open up the cluster. Of course you can replace them yourself, but it is more involved and you need to know how to use a soldering iron.

The other option is to pull it out of the car and send it for repair. Here are some companies that offer CLK C209 Cluster Repair Service.

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kerrihartman  3 months 2 weeks ago

Thank you MBFanatic.  I think I will check out the cluster repair service you recommended.  My son is good with a soldering iron, but it's hard to get him to help me with my vehicle.  I also thought about buying a used replacement instrument cluster, but my mileage is at 108,000 and the closest used cluster I could find has 107,000 which would make my mileage inaccurate if I decide to sell my vehicle.  Any thoughts?


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MercedesMedic  3 months 2 weeks ago

If you get another cluster it will not show the miles but it will show - - - - - instead. It will have to be programmed and used ones are harder to program. 

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