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My 2007 ML has a constant high pitch beep coming from the dash, nothing is working the key won't turn in the ignition the central locking not working not even if I put the metal key in the lock. Car had a new battery 4 weeks ago  Please help. 


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MBFanatic  2 months 2 weeks ago

You will need to scan the codes with Star Diagnostic scanner. But to get the car started try disconnecting the negative battery terminal for five minutes. That should reset the car and allow you to start it.

Let us know what you find out.

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Tony Howell 1  2 months 2 weeks ago

If u remove the battery cable and reinstall it and your vehicle starts and your check engine light doesnt come on, this probably means you don't have a sensor issue. When u put your key in the ignition try pulling your steering wheel from side to side while trying to turn the ignition on. Sometimes it can jam just from the position you parked in. Also if u have no dome lights inside car try turning on headlights. If they are dim or don't come on at all you may have a bad alternator which charge's the battery or a short to ground from a battery lead. I could be a number of things. Any questions email me at or if u have figured it out post your fix please

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throssel  2 months 2 weeks ago

Hi, this may seem like an odd question but... do you have multiple Mercedes? Could you have accidentally used the wrong key for the wrong car? 

The reason I ask is because the metal key should fit no matter the state of battery. 

Other then what stated above could be a key or ignition switch. Both are common failures

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MercedesMedic  2 months 2 weeks ago

Some great tips here. Did you get this resolved?

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abusufyan  2 months 1 week ago

Hi dear! has your issue been solved?

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MBDoc  2 weeks ago

any update?

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Bud Burr  1 week 4 days ago

Some cars give a little lurch to the power steering just as they are shut down.  This can put quite a strain on the steering lock rod.  Try centering the wheel in the lock notch by just turning the wheel enough to take the strain off (typically 1/4 inch or less).  While holding the wheel in this position,  see if the car will now start.