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I have a 2008 MB S550 - the keyless go and push button start function has stopped working.  The key fob works in terms of locking/unlocking and starting with ignition.  However, the keyless go functions (locking and unlocking with handles, push button start) are not working.  When I try to lock and unlock with the handles, I can see the little red light on the key fob blinking but no actual locking or unlocking.


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BMWadict  3 months ago

The keyless go has its own module and a couple of receviers on the car. If the keyless go has complety sotpped, the keyless module may be the issue. We had a R class where the keyless was not working. The module in that car is located on the bottom of the trunk and had gotten wet. I can't rember where it is on the W221 but see if you can locate it and inspect it for water damage.