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I have a merc c350 cdi and in looking to do a light conversion. I would like to put some hids in and would like recommendations. Cheers in advance jay


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marko0811  1 year 1 month ago

What kind of headlights do you have? Do they have a projector lens? You can post a picture so I can see. Anyway if you don't have headlights with a projector lens then you should first buy h1 mini projectors and install them before putting an HID kit(if you put an HID kit in headlights without projectors it spreads light every direction and blinds people from opposite direction).

And about the HID kit, go for a premium 55w HID kit with metal ballasts and with canbus(if there is no canbus modul an error will show up on your dashboard). Go for 5000k max temperature/color of bulbs, 4300k is OEM.

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