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I have 3 light ports in my 2006 Chevrolet trailblazer and 2 don't work. I have 2 upfront and 1 in the rear. i know fuse 13 is supposed to go to the lights. but i have 1 front and the rear ones out are there any other fuses that go to the lighters and why would one be out and not both ones upfront???


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BMWadict  2 months 4 weeks ago

I belive the ones on the front are in different circuits. One is powered all the time while the other is turned on/off when ignition is on/off. Which will explain why the ones up front are not both out.

The rear one has its own fuse. Check the wires behind the plug becasue they can get damaged. Check the ligher fuse itself, especially the center contact. Coins fall in there and short the cirucit.

Also make sure there no previous rewiring of these sockets.

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