My 2007 CL600 has unfortunately gone into the dreaded “limp home home”. I only purchased this car a week ago after having the dealership give me an inspection report where nothing regarding the transmission came up. When it first happened it seemed that it was only using second gear. Once I stopped and turned the car off for a while and then turned it back on - it was back to normal. The next day it did the same thing but now it was stuck in first gear and the check engine light came on as well. I pulled the code and got P0715. I cleared the code and the engine light went off. I took the car for a drive and it ran great until I was stuck in traffic and again it went into 2nd gear limp mode! After trying to clear the code again, the car transmission didn’t want to even engage a gear - both D and R. Turned the car off and on and it now engaged the first gear. Very, very frustrating- please can anyone help in my way forward to getting this resolved. Thank you in advance. 


Next time it happens pay attention to the condition under which it happens. Is it going into limp mode when you accelerate or go around a turn? The reason I say this is because it may be low on transmission fluid. If not the problem is most likely the valve body. It can be repaired. It is a lot cheaper than replacing it. You would have to remove it from under the car and ship it to any company that fixes them.



Thank you for your help. It seemed to happen when I had been stuck in traffic or travelling slowly for a while. Good idea to check the transmission fluid?

I am away from home for a few weeks but I have ordered the 13 pin adapter plug and will get it fitted when I return. I will let you know how it goes and if it solves the limp home mode issue. Thanks for the interest. 

I have checked the transmission fluid level and it seems to be fine. I pulled the codes and only came up with one P0715 which I am unable to clear. I will now be looking into changing the adapter plug next week. I would appreciate any further suggestions. Thank you

The code that you are getting indicates a problem communicating with the input speed sensor. I would change the 13 pin connector first. If that does not fix the problem, you need to look at replacing the conductor plate. If your car has the 7 speed transmission, you can rebuilt your existing conductor plate. Because the TCU is mounted on the conductor plate, you can not install a used conductor plate. Instead use a repair service such as 722.9 Valve Body Repair Service.

If you have the 6 speed transmission, you can replace just the conductor plate or even the valve body. Any new or used unit that has the correct part number will work.

Thank you very much. I will do this very soon. My transmission I believe is the 5 speed - my car is 2007 CL600 - does this mean I can still change just the conductor plate?

I am back home now and want to start on the job of replacing the 13 pin connector. I have had a look under my 2007 CL600 and see there are two different plastic covers that conceal the bottom of the engine and transmission . My question is do I have to remove both of these or only the rear one which l think is where the transmission is situated? Thank you. 

You need to remove the rear cover that's under the transmission. I would doulbe check and make sure that you have the 5 speed. My guess would be that you have the 7 speed though.

Call the dealer or post the vin here and we can verify that for you.

I do believe it is the 5 speed being the V12 but here is the VIN WDDEJ76X67A003687

Thank you

You are correct. Here is the tran serial # for your car 722649 06 748266

The 13 pin connector is on the passenger side, towards the front. I would say above the right / front corner of the transmission oil pan.

You are welcome. If it is possible please consider posting some pictures. I am sure someone will find this post helpful in the future.

Not yet. My plan is to work on it this weekend but may start by taking the rear cover off this afternoon. I will take photos as I go along. Thanks for the support and encouragement. 

Here is picture of where I think it is behind. I have removed the rear cover and now I’m trying to identify the area of the 13 pin connector. I think it may be behind the aluminium cover to the front right of the transmission oil pan - it looks like I need to get a hex socket to remove it. 

You are correct. It is behind that metal plate you see there. You need to remove the torx bolt which requires an E10 socket I think. Drop that down and you will see the 13 pin connector.


Nice MB btw.

Ok so I have managed to remove the plate to give me access to the 13 pin connector and I managed to turn the white ring which enabled me to remove the plug. I then removed the 7mm bolt holding the connector in and after a bit of a struggle removed the connector itself - however to my surprise (and almost horror!) transmission fluid began to pour out of the opening where the connector was situated  - a lot of it!! As I was unprepared for it unfortunately I did not have a pan ready to collect it meaning it went all over my driveway! When watching the videos etc. I did not see any fluid coming out when the connector was removed. Can anyone tell me if this means I have done something wrong. The car was at an angle as I had to use the front ramps so that I could get under it. Thanks in advance. 

I have now managed to replace the 13 pin connector and added 1 1/2 litres of transmission fluid. I checked the codes and the P0715 is still there and I don’t seem to be able to clear it? I did manage to clear the check engine light. Unfortunately the car still seems to be in limp mode - any suggestions please?

Ok so here is the latest update. I managed to clear the code after updating my MB iCarsoft. The transmission immediately began operating normally but unfortunately it went back into limp mode (3rd gear I think) after a while. I managed to get out of it by switching the car off for about 10-15 seconds and restarting it and it ran normally again for about 30 minutes and then again went into the same limp mode. I then checked the codes again and pulled the following: 2767 Component Y3/6n3( speed sensor 3) is faulty. DTC Status: Stored. I have cleared this and up to now the transmission is shifting as it should. Does this mean that changing the 13 pin connector did not solve the problem and do I now need to go to changing the conductor plate? Any comments and suggestions please? Thank you in advance.

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