I was wondering where the instrument panel fusebox was located at on my vehicle? I read several posts that said the fusebox was located in the passenger side compartment in the door. Attached Is the picture of the passenger compartment on my vehicle. There is no such fusebox. The reason why I'm trying to locate that particular fusebox Is because my audio center console is on, but has no sound, as well as no power at all to my climate control (no lights, no power etc.) There Is no illumination to the DETR. NAVI or RPT buttons as well as no illumination to the phone system 10-keypad, SVC, BACK, MUTE or PWR buttons. It all started when I had the entire center console removed to address another issue and may have gotten two connectors that look identical crossed up when I reinstalled the radio.



It's on the edge of the instrument panel on the passenger side, under the cover; not in the door.