I'm trying to find out where bank 1sensor 2 is located



Bank 1 is on the same side as spark plug 1 if your car is a V6. 

If your car is a four cylinder you only have one bank. Sensor 2 is the one after the catalytic converter, which again, you will only have one if you have a four cylinder engine. 

Sensor 2 is typically accessed from the bottom of the car. While bank 1 sensor 1 is accessed from the top and you can noramally see it if you look at the exhaust manifold. 

if you have a v6 car engine. and you are facing the engine, bank 1 is on your right side.

Bank 1is also where you can find the oil filler cap.

To find the o2 sensor follow the exhaust manifold the first o2 sensor is upstream ( sensor 1 ) before the catalytic converter and ( sensor 2 ) downstream after the catalytic converter.