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May I know how to locate of the SAM that is connected to the fuel gauge, turn signals and ambient air temperature sensor. My car is Mercedes Benz 2007 E350. Thanks


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than saung  1 week 6 days ago

May I know which SAM (signal acquisition module) is connected to fuel gauge, ambient temperature sensor and turn signals’ indicator on instrument panel.  They all went out of order at the same time. The signal bulbs are all ok. The OBD code showed P 0073 only. So I had replaced the Ambient temperature, but the problem is still not solved.  So I suspect the SAM module that might be faulty. But I don’t know which SAM is connected to these three.  If I can see the Mercedes 2007 E 350 catalog or electrical wiring diagram, I may know where to locate. Anyone who can help would be highly appreciated. 

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MercedesMedic  1 week 5 days ago

It may be the SAM in the engine bay  Star diagnostics scanner would tell you that for sure or any scanner that can read Mercedes codes. 

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