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I've had this weird loud screeching or clunking noise when steering the steering wheel, the mechanic tested every moving part at the bottom of the vehicle but didn't find the issue.

The noise happens when stationary or at really low speeds, and happens while the steering wheel is at the same position when changing the wheel direction the sound is gone and returns when steering again. 

the oil levels are normal i've changed them (every oil in the car) a week ago.

can you help me and find out the issue? 


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MercedesMedic  5 months ago

Hi there, 

It is hard to distinguish the sound on the video but one thing that I would check out is the torsion bar mount supports. They do make a strange noise when they brake. They are located under the vehicle towards the middle. You have two. 

Look for the torsion bar that looks like this. Goes from front control arm towards the back and ends at the middle of the car. 

torsion bar

Then right at the end are these pieces which you can't see easily. They brake. See if the noise comes from this area. 

torsion bar mount

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BMWadict  5 months ago

Did you solve this problem? 

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Saro_Tatios  5 months ago

The mechanic has checked what you've suggested just now and says there is nothing wrong with it . The issue started just after i've changed the motor mount . I didnt have this issue before 

These past three days i've been driving in an insane uphill drives the car made the sound while driving uphill or comming down it was like 45 degrees climb so as a deduction the sound occurs only in these situations:

1- while on Drive mode or Reverse mode ( D or R )

2- its connected to the steering wheel or at least effected because onece the sound is heard if you turn the steering wheel it effects the severity pf the sound

3 While making the car work over its normal way  such as driving up a steep hill or going down it which so far made the loudest noise yet