MB 190e Mass Air Flow Sensor

This is a two part question: 1) My recently purchased 190e (1990) runs well but it seems slow to pick up from a complete stop. I feel I have to floor it and even then, it just lacks pick up; instead, it very slowly and steadily accelerates. I've been told and done some reading to confirm that this could be an issue with the mass air flow sensor. I also know this is an older car, very heavy etc. and I may just not be used to the feel of it but my gut is telling me it should pick up more quickly. 2) If that's right, how big of a deal would it be for me to clean/replace the mass air flow sensor? Direction towards any tutorial would be greatly appreciated, of course.


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MercedesMedic made a comment.
11 months 3 weeks ago

The older MB cars don't have the mass air flow sensor that you are used to seeing on 1996 and newer models. The air flow is mesasssured by the air flow meter assembly (throttle body).

With that said, there is one thing that you can clean. Over time the butterfly valve can build dirty on the body. When enough dirt builds up the air flow at idle is much more restricted than what it should be. If you access the butterfly valve you can clean around to remove any dirt or debries. See attached picture. mercedes throttle body

Besides that I would also change the spark plugs and replace the engine air filter. Doing those three things and you should see an improvement.

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vmancini made a comment.
11 months 3 weeks ago

The spark plugs were changed but the air filter and butterfly valve have not been looked at yet. 


Where is the butterfly valve located?  Also, how about changing the air filter?  Are these things I can access just by opening the hood?


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