MB 320E 2005 washer wierdness

Driver side washer started to get weaker and weaker til finally it was a dribble to nothing. Passenger side, no problem, still strong.
Had a cursory look, but I am not mechanically inclined, nothing evident, ie no apparent kinks or leaks.
Asked the mechanic (not a dealer, but a foreign car "expert") to look at and he advised that the pump is fine (ie passenger side) but the nozzle is broken. The nozzle is a closed system and appears to house some kind of powered device (there is a plug with connections). OK.
So we ordered a new nozzle (not cheap! over $100) and it was installed. Driver side is a fire hose! Great, but, and here is where my question arrises, the passenger side is now weak, to a dribble.
The pump feeds both nozzles but the mechanic is saying that the new nozzle is an upgrade and it is stealing washer fluid from the passenger side. I need to buy a new nozzle for the passenger side in order to equalize the pressure and fluid distribution.
Does this sound right? Anyone else experienced similar? Ideas?


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MBFanatic made a comment.
1 year 7 months ago

If the diamter of the new nozzle is larger than the passenger side it can technically allow more flow and lower the pressure on the passenger side. But it should only make the passenger slightly weaker not almost inop. Even if it is a new design, they are made to work with the old nozzle in parallel. I see his point but personally I think the hose for the passenger side is either kinked or not connected properly. Would have to reinspet. Don't rush on buying a new nozzle.


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