Hi, i have an issue with my MB, it slips every time i drive on an uneven lane or when pass through a speed hump, is like stability system tries to correct the direction of the car, moving it to the right. I got no error codes on obd scanner (icarsoft 980) or in dash, by the way, scanners doesn't get any kind of error, recently i take the car to shop for alignment and balance of wheels, change both front links (just in case, one had the cover with a crack). everything looks good, car is in great condition, looks like new, already checked abs sensors, they had some dirt, but problem persist after blows pressure air, brake pads and rotors are new, everything changed/installed after issue appears.


I had a SLK with a similar problem as the one that you describe. It had two things going on. One the wheel bearings were shot. Second the steering rack had to much play.

Try this. Turn on the igntion and don't start the car. Move the steering left and right gently. Do you notice too much play?

This may help:

Watch video here: https://www.youcanic.com/symptoms-steering-rack-problems#how-to-test-steering-rack-and-pinion

ok, i'll try it. yesterday the bottom hose from transmission blows out from radiator (i change radiator because it broken about 8 days ago, due to a broken polley), by the way, after hose blows i had to refill tranny (about 8 gallons) now, today, i feel my car better and doesn't slips at all, maybe a little, but maybe i'm paranoid about it. I'll stay in touch about it. By the other hand, 6 days ago i take my car to alignment and wheel balance.

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