MB W207 problem with 360 camera and distane warning

Hi. I got 2 problem with my W207 2014 with the right hand driving. I buy this as second hand in Thai and it's imported from Germany not from the authorized dealer then I cannot bring it to fix at the authorized dealer

a) Sometime the 360 camera is not work in for the left camera and it's show black screen. Front, rear, right camera is always working fine.

b) I have the problem with the distance warning. When I'm in the left lane and drive faster than the right lane and no car in front of me. The distance waring light show up and beeping. This is very annoy. I'm not sure if this is function properly? because there are no car in front of me. And I found 2 times in this situation that I drive faster than the right lane, no car in front of me and I softly break and suddenly the car is automatically hard break for me and the seatbelt tighten which I think this is very dangerous if I have a car follow me and drive fast then it can easily have accident because the follower car will not expect me to do hard breaking as there are no car in front of me.

Thanks you in advance for the recommendation to fix these problem.