Mercedes e220 cdi auto stalls after first startup, the engine runs fine until I put it into drive or reverse. I start it again and drive off then on problem the rest of the day until the next morning. No warning lights on, been checked at indy garage found no faults. Started it this morning and just before it stalled a cloud of black smoke came out of the exhaust like it's choking up with diesel. Any ideas? 


This may be fuel pressue issue. I would check the fuel pressure as a starting point. Also, when was the last time the fuel filter was replaced?

Hi! I read your questions and glad that you got all the answers from an expert. Please let us know how things are working now.

After you checked the fuel pump and air filter and the problem the same kindly proceed to check the alternator.

Car has got worse, possible stall at junctions when in gear idealing ready to set off, got better as is it got warmer. Have taken it back to the garage, explaining all to technician. Let's hope he find a solution. 

I would be interested to do a test on the injectors. I'm not sure if you can do a flat resistance check across Mercedes injectors. I would assume they are ground side switched so with a scope it would be easy to see what's going on and if an injector isn't contributing. Bad injector windings usually start to show themselves in hot conditions, but I suppose anything is possible. I very highly doubt you have an alternator or any electrical issue, this sounds mechanical for sure. Hopefully they do a relative compression test while it's there, that should lead them in the right direction.

Picked up car from workshop, told everything was fixed. Starts car next morning same problem stalls after moving off. will be returning to workshop tomorrow Monday.

Is there not anybody out there had the same problem and had it fixed?

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