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Submitted by Ruetenn on October 27, 2021

Hello. Loved your video on S400 Hybrid. Can you tell me where I can order a charger strong enough to charge my hybrid battery? It is at 25% and the car starts but quickly shuts off if I put it into drive or after just a few seconds. Also, I do not have a scanner, can I still charge the hybrid battery?


Thank you





Thank You.  Having trouble finding a 75 amp battery charger.  Bought a 60 amp at Tractor Supply.  Don't know if you can post a link to one that has 75 amps.  Thanks again!

A 75 A charger is strong enough. If the car is not charging or if it starts and then it dies, there is another issue going on. You will need to read the codes to figure out what is wrong.